Some Traditional Chinese has been translated incorrectly

"Everything"(search software) is translated as "一切搜尋"
but "Everything"(search software) is software name, I don't think there is a need for forced translation.
Who can I contact with questions about Traditional Chinese translation?

Thanks to the development team.
Opus13 is great software.

Thank you! We'll get that fixed.

Many thanks. I have forwarded this on to Mark who does the CHT translations.

Hi~ ,
Can you provide the screenshot of Dopus 13 for me? Thanks.


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This should be "Use "Everything" to calculate folder size" ("使用"Everything"計算資料夾大小")
but is translated as "Use "all" to calculate folder size" ("使用"全部"計算資料夾大小")

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In airdmo's screenshot, at the top, there's also a <%weblink> tag that isn't turning into an icon. (It should look like the one after "voidtools", on the same line).

Probably a < or > in the wrong place near there, or similar.

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