Some UI issues

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So, I'm using DO 10.5 for 4 days now and I have some more issues. Maybe they are related to some obscure settings that I'm missing, wouldn't be a first. I've attached some screenshots, named as the issue they are related to.

  1. List headers in network display
    Those headers should not be visible when display mode is "List". They are shown only for "pure" network items, that is, computer list and share list.

  2. Hardcoded colors in the settings dialog
    This again has to do with my theme. See the screenshot.

  3. Drive list header
    a. I would like to get rid off that header and have everything on a single column, as it used to be.
    b. Given my theme, the hardcoded (?) blue color makes the text hard to read. Still, a) has priority on my wish list.

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(Please ask one question per thread.)

  1. When you are in the root of a network server (i.e. \server rather than \server\share or below), the display of that special folder is delegated to Windows Explorer and Opus does not have much control over how it looks. Explorer has headers when in list mode, at least when hosted in other programs.

  2. We'll look into that.

  3. Grouping of the Computer folder is optional, as in a normal directory. Right-click the file display and choose Group By > None, then use Folder Options > Save > For This Folder.

The colours of the group header can be set under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts: File group header.

Ok, I will stick to the "one question" rule. It seemed to me like spam to come up with three threads at the same time, but after reading your link, you are totally right. My apologies for this.

For no. 1, I thought the whole philosophy behind DO was to replace Explorer, not using it behind the scenes. Would be nice if you can drop any Explorer dependency.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

We use Explorer where there is little value in replacing Explorer. You can't actually do anything in \server folders except navigate to somewhere else (which works fine already), and they're rarely used for more than a brief second, so the time it would take to implement, test and maintain our own custom view of such folders has not seemed worth it so far when there are other things we could invest the time in. We might do it in the future if we come up with enough good reasons to make it worthwhile.

You're right, but then again, you already have the view implemented, only the data source is different, so to speak. And given almost no functionality, implementing and maintaining it is not such a big enterprise :slight_smile: I do reckon it has a very low priority.