Some way to easily identify music in 2 folders

i need some help with this one .. but i know dopus can do it .... i have 2 folders that have music .... folder 1 "Music-unsorted" and folder 2 "Music"
eg : "Music-unsorted"might have abba - #1's " Music/abba - #1's" where the tags have been fixed ... i don't want to move the folders " if the already exist.. in "Music" ... would love to know what folders i need copy to "music" from "Music-unsorted" some way to easily identify them

if you need more info let me know ... here is what iam thinking
if the same folder name exist in
lister A and lister B set label colour ... i just need a way to highlight the same folder names in both listers ... I know i can look at this but one list may have 1000 folders

There are commands in the Edit > Select Other menu which will select all items in one side that do (or don't) exist in the other side, based on their named.

did not even know that was a thing i will look in to it thanks

one question how to work from Left to right so source is Left destination is on Right

i think i have it now was option 3