Sometimes no format

Sometimes when I setup a dual lister I don't see a SOURCE or DESTINATION on my listers next to the lock icon. Could someone help me with why? Thanks

You shouldn't ever see the status bar say SOURCE or DESTINATION with a dual-display window.

If Preferences / Display / Status Bar / Use two independent status bars when in dual display mode is turned off then the {ls} (lister state) code would show DUAL for a dual-display window.

With the option on, {ls} doesn't display anything at all for a dual-display lister as if it did you would end up seeing DUAL twice, once for each status bar. That would use a lot of the limited space available with a dual-horizontal layout, for something that isn't that useful.

There are other, better visual cues for telling which side is the source and which the destination, which also work in a dual-display lister. e.g. Coloring the file display toolbar and/or the file display background, enabling grid lines only in the source side, and fading selection boxes in the destination. (The first and last of those are on by default.)

Thanks, this helped a lot. I see the subtle change in the display tool bar, which I missed before but now I will use it to my advantage. How in preferences do you control how selection boxes fade. Thanks

Is there any way to use Source and Destination in a single lister with tabs? Thanks

No, not really.

You could do something similar with variables (push a button to set a variable to the current path, then later push another button to copy or move files to the path in the variable). It would probably end up being quite confusing as you would have no visual indicator of where you are copying to. A script could change the tab labels but keeping them in sync would be a pain and they probably wouldn't provide enough context by themselves.

That is understandable. Thanks for the great support and explanation, now I am finally using this feature that I took a long time to understand. As usual with Opus I am psyched, this is great, it is so useful! Thanks