Sort by Name & Size

How to Sort by Name & Size?
Name: all names that are the same would be group together.
Size: only names that have been grouped together will then display the size for that group.

What do you mean "all names that are the same"? Filenames have to be unique, you can't have two the same.

My header, columns,: Name, Size, Type, Modified.
My records Sort Order.
Name column: alpha order.
Size column: Descending order

Name Size
AA 415 KB
AA 314 KB
AA 310 KB
BB 723 KB
BB 600 KB
BB 500 KB
BB 345 KB

Note: Sort order
Name is alpha order. Also matching record names are grouped and there size is displayed to Descending Order.
Size is Large to small (415 KB to 310 KB)

Are you talking about when using Flat View or Collections (e.g. Find Results)? Those are the only times when you would be able to have two files which both had the same name (e.g. two files named "AA").

If you want to sort by "Name, then Size":

  • click the Name column and then
  • hold Ctrl and click the Size column.

If you want to group by Name and, within each group, sort by Size:

  • right-click the Name column and choose "group"
  • click the Size column to sort by it.

I am using Collections. I thought I was going to use some confusing coding. Thanks for the perfect solution.

I should have mentioned that I'm using File Collection.