Sort files before folders only when sorting other than Name?

Normal Windows Explorer displays folders first then files, but when you sort by something other than Name it lists files first. I can do this globally in DOpus with Folder Format..., but how do I do it only when sorting other than Name?

You could have a button/hotkey/etc. which changes both the sort column and dir/file ordering at once.

There isn't a way to make it happen automatically when e.g. clicking the column headers.

(Looking at File Explorer, it seems to use different rules for different columns.)

That's unfortunate. How would I create such a hotkey? And is there a way to create a custom button with a custom hotkey or is it only through the keyboard?

Hotkeys can be assigned to toolbar/menu buttons, or can be standalone.

Here's an example command which will toggle between two states:

  • Sort by name, folders first.
  • Sort by modified date, files first.
@if:Set SORTBY=name

For how to use the command: