Sort files by albumartist

Hi !

I would like to sort my audio files (ogg and mp3) by the albumartist tag and not the default artist tag (mainly for compilation of various artist, movie soundtrack but also when there is « featuring… » on an album). I searched for a while but didn’t see how to do it (the choice of columns is not so big whereas it is possible in Windows Explorer which have a lot of others columns propositions). Can you help me ?

Thanks, folks !

In the music subdivision, there is an "interpret" column. Isn´t that perhaps the same as the albumartist?

I'm not sure which column you're thinking of (there's no Interpret in the English columns list), but none of the built-in columns show AlbumArtist right now; there's only the normal Artists column.

We should be able to add AlbumArtist, though. I've opened a request for it.

Oh, sorry. The german translation offers that column "interpret", which must be, like you say,
the "artist" column.

Ok, so no support for the moment. Thanks although !

This will be in the next beta (