Sort folders by size doesn't work

I have a list of music folders. I have 'Details' view on and the 'Size' column displayed. The folder sizes are displayed but when I click on 'Size' to sort the folders by size it doesn't sort. It does nothing at all and that's for both ascending descending sort.

What's going on? Is this a bug? How do I get the folders to sort by size?

Dopus v10.5.0.0 x64 on Win7.


You have probably turned on the option to keep folders always sorted by name and only apply other sorting to files.

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Thanks for that. I turned that option off and it works fine now. Maybe the program should show a message to let the user know why the sort isn't working.

The keep folders sorted alphabetically option is off by default so you would only encounter this after explicitly turning it on.

A message that appeared, taking up space on the screen, to confirm that Opus was doing what it was told would annoy the people who want to use the option. We'd have to add another option to disable the message, and then we'd be back to square one, where you could play with the options without realising what they did and get into the same situation. :slight_smile: