Sort in file tree not updating when moving in folder tree

When I move about in the folder tree and I have size column selected in the file tree the sort is not updating. I have to click on the size column twice to get the largest file at the top. Is there a setting for this somewhere? Thanks.

I think that is this issue, which will be fixed in the next update:

Size sort is mostly working now in 12.17.1. However, it still doesn't sort properly in the WinSxS folder (not that I go there very often) and I can get it to fail to sort occasionally by clicking around real fast in the folder tree.

In what way doesn't it sort properly in WinSxS?

Like this. Works everywhere else except 1 out of 10 times or so the size will be unsorted.

Please give 12.17.2 a try and see if it helps.

Yes, works as expected now. Thanks.

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