Sort name and extension separately

I cannot find the option to turn this new feature on or off. Can someone please point me to the correct area in the Preferences?

Changelog say :

Here is the way to find these options. I assumed that that could be found found through the preferences preference dialogue.

Right click on the "Name" Title at the top of the Lister. Then select "MORE" to find the dialogue and then select the DISPLAY Tab.

Thanks for the cut and paste response it was very helpful! - Not!

I suggest changing the "MORE" to "FOLDER OPTIONS" and/or a link under preferences.

The "More..." option in the list of columns is there to tell you there are more columns you can add which may not be shown in the menu's quick list. It happens to open the Folder Options dialog, since that's where the list of columns lives, but the purpose of it, and the reason it's called "More...", is to let people know they can access more columns that way.

The normal way to open the Folder Options dialog is via this menu: