Sort Order -> Date (modified) -> reverse order (v8.2.2.1)

have a small problem and can't remember how to fix it

before I updated today to v8.2.2.1, every time I opened any folder from a shortcut (ie. D:) or opened up from explorer link (which opens in Dopus), all my folders and files were sorted in date order (reverse) so that I can immediately see all new folders or files created today

I've somehow lost this when I updated to

Here's how I tried to recover it

  1. Preferences, Layout

  2. Single display, click on Format, Edit, then Sorting and select date and check Reverse Order

  3. Repeat same for all the other Styles (ie. Commander, Dual, etc..)

apparently that is not the right place as each time I open dopus, the items are in the wrong sort order (again)

See the FAQ - [Folder Formats: Quick Guide)