Sort order for zip "folders"

Ok, so this is a nit, and it may have been discussed/asked earlier, but if it is I couldn't find it.

In a lister, the folders typically sort on top of all the flat files. Is there a way to get zip files (which appear as folders) to sort with the folders and thus end up at the top of the lister, as opposed to sorting with the flat files?

Thanks in advance for any info

Don't think there is at the moment.

There's an option to mix all files and folders together in the sort order, and an option to show zip files in the folder tree, but no option that I know of to sort folders and zip files, but not other types of files, together in the main file display.

Thanks... I rather thought as much. I did look through all the lister and zip file preference options and saw nothing. It's just that this tool is so blasted configurable, I didn't know if there may be a way.

Personally I think of zip files as folders as I tend to keep multiple files in them, so having them sorty with the other folders would do well for me. The file manager tool I used previous to this did this and I found it handy. DOpus is a much more robust tool, but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks again.

Fair enough.

There's certainly no harm in dropping GPSoft a feature request to see if they'd consider adding this in a future version.

I'd say it fits well with the zips-in-folder-tree option, so it's not out of the question, although it's up to GPSoft ultimately.