Sort order in Sort by... context menu

I can't change the sort order as I knew from the File Explorer. The Sort order of the "Sort by" Menu of DOpus is in alphabetical order):

Date and Time (modified)
Size (auto)

Windows File Explorer:

Date and Time
Empty (No Attributes)

Can this menu be modified to be sort in the Windows style? I often go wrong.

The Sort By menu shows a list of the currently visible columns, which are the ones you would normally want to sort by. If one is missing that you want to sort by, add that column to the file display.

Those look like roughly the same columns in both programs (by default), though, so I am not sure I have understood.

He is referring to the positioning of the Sort By options. If you look at DOpus, the Sort By choices are in alphabetical order (1st is Attributes, 2nd is Date and Time (modified), etc.).

In File Explorer, it is in a different order. It seems to show them in the same order as a standard File Explorer column list.

DOpus on the left and File Explorer on the right in the images below.

DOpus is using the command Set SORTBY=sortlist to generate that sub-menu. I will admit that even after all these years of using DOpus, I still expect to see Filename first in the list. lol

image image

@DesertDwarf Yes, thanks. That was what I meant. Can this "sortlist" be edited by me? Where can I find it?

And in the "This PC" folder the "Sort by" choice varies:

File System
Free Space
Percent Full (Graph)
Size (auto)

I can't find out where I can modify this context menu.

It's always a list of the columns which are currently visible*. You can change it by adding or removing columns.

(*If you're using Thumbnails, List, Tile, Icon modes which don't show columns, you can edit the list of columns either by switching to Details mode or via Folder > Folder Options.)

If you link your account, we can look into sorting the list in the same order as the columns instead of alphabetically.

Yes, that's correct. I removed all colums except "Name" which can't be removed. Now I'm adding "Attributes". In the colums it is shown correctly at second place:


But in the Sort by context menu it is sorted alphabetically:


And this drives me crazy.

Are you using this in Details mode? You can just click the column headers to change the sort order, if in Details mode (or the other modes, if the headers aren't turned off), without opening the menu at all.

Outside of Details mode, I can't think why the order being alphabetical would be an issue? You can't see the columns in any particular order in those modes, so alphabetical makes as much if not more sense than any other order, at least to me.

Still, I am not against changing the order, but you need to link your account if you want to request changes.

Well, if you think it makes more sense it will be OK. But at me it makes more sense to have the sort by context menu in the sort order of the headers of the columns. You can go to Windows File Explorer and when you move a header to the left or right you will see the change of the sort order in the sort by context menu, too.

That makes sense, but I'm curious why would you use that menu at all if you're in Details mode and can see the columns; why not click the columns directly, which is quicker? Or are some of them scrolled out of view, and/or you're opening the menu via the keyboard?

No, I'm not in details mode, I'm in list mode, because this consumes least space. And when I want to change the sort order I do it with a right mouse click. And at DOpus I hit the wrong button, because I do it all in "speed mode".

Please give us the ability to display the sortlist in the same order the columns are shown.

We've made this change for the next update.


And it looks wonderful!




Yes, thank you very much, too.