Sort specific filetype in "Type" column to appear in alphabetical order?

Sorry if the title is a little confusing, but I think the problem is simple (though a little detailed to explain).

I mount all my external hard drives to folders within the root of my "E:" drive.
These mounted folders have alphabetical-sorting friendly names (E:/Drive 1, E:/Drive 2, etc.).

So what I'm trying to do is sort the folders so that the connected drives appear at the top, in alphabetical order.

To this end, I think sorting by the 'Type' column is the best method because:

  • When the drives are connected, the "Type" column identifies the relevant folders as 'Junction'.
  • When the drives are disconnected, the "Type" column identifies the relevant folders as 'File Folder'.

Hence, if I sort by 'Type' and the "Junction" folders appear at the top, that will show me my connected drives.

But here's the problem...

When I click on the 'Type' column to sort, it will either:

  • (a) Display the junction folders at the top in reverse alphabetical order (Drive 10, 9, 8, etc.). The file folders are displayed below it.

  • (b) Display the file folders at the top. The junction folders are displayed below in proper alphabetical order (Drive 1, 2, 3, etc.)

But what I'd like is a bit of both: Display the junction folders at the top in proper alphabetical order
That would show me my connected drives at the top, in alphabetical order.

Does that make sense?
Can anyone help me achieve this kind of sorting?

Oh wait I got it!
Changed my online search to "directory opus sort by multiple attributes" and got this result:!Documents/Sorting_and_Grouping.htm

Inspired by that guide, this is how I solved my problem:

  1. I pressed the 'Type' column to get the "Junction" items to appear at the top. Of course, they appear in reverse alphabetical order - which I don't want.
  2. I held the 'Ctrl' key and pressed on the 'Name' column. This kept "Junction" folders at the top, but corrected the sorting so that they appear in alphabetical order.
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