Sorting animated and still gifs?

the new version of opus is just amazing! so many new features, it will take awhile to soak it all up, but much to my delight I was looking in the thumbnail mode and saw filmstrips on the borders of any gifs that were animated!

this happens to be something I've been looking for several months now, as I manage gifs in the 100's of 1000's ( literally ) and this alone is a huuuge asset.

my question however, is there a way to filter out just the animated or the still gifs? gifs have a frames property and is there a way to select gifs that have more than one frame and then perform a command on the selected files?

again, great work guys, very nice work and a stellar program.

Would it be enough for the Description column to say

100 x 200 x 8 Animated GIF Image

instead of

100 x 200 x 8 GIF Image


You could then use a filter to only show files with "Animated GIF" in their descriptions, hiding all others.

That should be pretty easy for me to add to the gif plugin, although it may slow down directory reading slightly since it would have to read the first frame to see if there's a second one. So it'd be about the speed of thumbnail generation. I'd probably make it optional.

(I think, from memory, that working out how many frames are in a GIF image requires reading the entire file which would be quite slow just to list a directory. But working out if it's animated or not only requires reading and parsing just beyond the first frame.)

that would be great if you think you could put that into place! it would be a good idea to make it optional ( and probably by default turned off ) as most people this wouldn't be a useful feature.

I see what you mean in the description field ( which I generally have turned off ) and that would make that column that much more useful and then any file operations could be done from that.

As far as I can think of, there isn't any situations where I have to determine whether a gif has greater or less than an x amount of frames, just whether it has more than one. Or having to count the amount of frames in a bunch of gifs, that's usually just out of interest then out of practical use.

I remember finding the animated gif plugin last year, after using Opus for a couple of years before, and that was a good day =) thanks for making it, it's been a very welcome addition to our image management.