Sorting based on files "Type"

I am very new to Dopus, I would like to ask a question. I have a collection of .png .jpg and .mp4 files in same folder. When I sort them by "Type" the .png file will appear at the top, then .mp4, then .jpg. Is it possible to change this sorting order to make all .mp4 or all video files appear at the top? Thank you for your help.

Other options include:

  • Sorting or grouping by extension (probably not what you want in this case).

  • Sorting or grouping by File Type Group (e.g. Movies) or Kind (similar, but defined by Windows).

The second one can be done using this add-in:

When grouping, you can sort by other columns at the same time, or even sort by multiple columns, to change the order or things within each group.

If you want complete custom sorting or grouping (e.g. if you wanted to sort by extensions but not in alphabetical order), that's also possible using scripting.