Sorting Not Working As Expected

Sorting does not seem to work, or perhaps it does not work the way I'd expect.

Open a folder that has several files and folders.
First, click on Type, hold the control key and click on Name.

I'd expect to see things sorted first by type, then by name.
Instead, it is shown sorted by type only, name is still random.

There is a #1 in the type column and a #2 in the name column.

So, if this is not a bug, how would i get things sorted by type, then by name?


Seems ok here...

If you, for example, have sorted by type, & you want to have it also sorted by name, you can hold "control" while klicking on the "name" column. This will set the secondary sort order (you can hold ctrl & make further sorting orders) to "name", but normally you should already have the names all sorted alphabetically within each type group. A small index number in the column heads will indicate the primary & secondary (& so on) sort orders, by the way.

If your name sorting order is random, this could be because of different sorting set in the folder options (in ->tools -> folder options).