Sorting order question

This is really more out of curiosity than anything else: I wonder how the sort order shown in the partial screenshot of a DOpus file listing came about (this happens to be in my Temp folder): The lister was set to simply order by filename, and that is what mostly happens, but this is not true for the first two .tmp files with those sequences of hex numbers for filenames: In this case the "5….tmp" is listed before the "3….tmp". Why is that?
Screenshot 2022-07-21 071810
If this was just one long number, then I could see the rationale (the second file has more hex digits, so it is the larger number), but since there are groups of numbers separated by hyphens, I would tend to interpret this as I would a group of individual digits (with decimal digits replaced by the much larger numbers in between the hyphens), in which case the leading "digit" (the first 32-bit group) should determine the sorting order.

Numeric sorting is turned on, and 5 is a smaller number than 325.

Got you. The system doesn't know that these are hex numbers, not strings of numbers interspersed with letters. Thanks!