Sorting Problem under DO13

Hi, I recently moved to version 13 and am confronted to a different behaviour while under 12: Normally the Manual sorting is always enabled as I prefer to drag new files in the right position before correctly renaming the whole list. After that the display is identical for Manual sort Enabled or Disabled (I created two buttons for quick verification).
Actually, when the new file from another directory is dragged in the right position of the desired list, it doesn't stay there, it automatically jumps at the end of the list even if the bar is correctly displayed (not the case under 12). The bar is just ignored. After that, things behave almost normally, as you can freely move your item.
Also, if at that moment you disable the manual sorting, the file jumps at the right position, but the display doesn't "follow" it, you have to scroll manually - painful when the list contains tens or hundred thousand items.
I suppose that the new install automatically migrates the old settings, so I really don't see the point, the Filtering and Sorting Preferences being exactly the same in both versions. Can you point me in the right direction if I am missing something?

Ideally my workflow would be the following:

  1. Manual sort off: the file is positioned following the name
    2: Switch Manual sort on: the file REMAINS in position and you drag it whenever appropriate
  2. Rename the list according to your wishes

Unfortunately I don't see how to prevent this automatic positioning of the new item at the end of the list, even less if it is realistically achievable.