Sorting Standalone viewer filelist by name

Is there a way to sort the "next/previous" list in the viewer by name?

Let's say I have two folders with pictures:


I can select Folder1 and Folder2 and use Show to start the Standalone viewer. The pictures will be displayed sorted by folder and filename.

Is there a way to sort and display them by name?


I've tried to solve it with file collections, but I couldn't figure out a way to flatviewcopy the files from the selected folders into to a file collection and there seems to be no Flatview option for those either. Plus I couldn't get the Standalone viewer to open the collection.

Maybe that's an idea for a new command argument like Show VIEWERCMD=sort,name?

It should be possible using a script that you run instead of the show command. The script can list the files in the selected folders, then sort them by name (or whatever you want), then send them to the show command.

If you don't need to do it often, searching for all files in the two folders will get you their names in a collection such that you can sort by name (ignoring path) that way.

Using Flat View, Mixed (No Folders), select all the files and click the Show button would work I think.

Yes, that's my current solution. Unfortunately I have more folders on that level whose files I don't want to see. So I move whatever interests me into a subfolder, turn Flatview on, and start the viewer. Then I move everything up one level and start the next comparison. Doable, but not perfect. (Background: I am comparing different RAW-converters and processing settings)