Sorting vs. Jump to letter

Hey folks,

This has been bugging me for a bit. I prefer to have my files sorted by the Type (file extension), but I like to jump through my files using the alphabets, i.e. if I press a it goes to the first filename starting with a ...etc. But when I sort by type, it does it for the extension and not the filename...
I know if you sort by filename that you can press a and it will do the expected behavior, so is there any way to do that while sorting by extension?
I have searched the forums but found no help regarding this matter.

ANother thing is, is there a shortcut or a button to move selected files to the parent folder from a subfolder, I know there was something like this having to do with flat view and all, but I can't for the life of me figure it out!

Thanx amigos


I don't think you can change the behavior of the sort field specific option, it's either on as you have it now or disabled.

You could however filter your file types to only show the type you want (e.g. .txt files) leaving the name column the sorted column and it would do what you want.

Regarding moving files to the parent folder there's different ways you could do it. I just select the files in the file pane and drag them to the parent folder in the folder tree.

I know about the filters and drag and drop. I find them a bit tedious though. It requires extra effort that I don't want to take. hehe:). After all the purpose is to simplify tasks.

The problem with dragging and dropping is, if I have to do it for a bunch of files it is a pain! (which I generally have to coz of how the camera copies the images... which is just one example). I just want a button on the toolbar or a shortcut key. Ctrl-X Backspace and Ctrl-V exists I know... still too much.

As for sorthing issue, I am too used to using it like that in windows explorer... I guess I have to either change my browsing habits... or find another way.

Actually doesn't disabling the Sort-field specific key scrolling option do precisely what you want :confused: ? I just tried it, and when I sort by type keystrokes jump the file selection based on file name...

As for moving selected files to the parent directory, you could use a button or hotkey that runs the following simple command:[b]dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE TO "{s}..\"[/b]!! BEWARE !!
If you happen to be at the root of a drive, for some reason the command above seems to send the selected files to the ~netherworld~. When you try, you get a Confirm File Replace dialog and if you hit either Skip or Abort you're fine - but if you hit Replace, then the file disappears? No recycle bin - gone - 'DOH!!!

But other than that it works fine in folders off the root LOL.

Ahhh Steje!! You are a genius. Thank you for your help...

I found the setting that you mentioned (took me a while) under Preferences>Lister>Power/Details Mode
That helped with the sorting issue.

Then as for moving to the parent folder... my gosh I didn't even think of that simple solution! I need to be shot, or have my power user licence revoked. :smiley:
By the way isn't there a way to just copy & paste buttons into the forum? I wonder how I can go about that? Well lets try it some other time.

Now I have to just use winrar to automatically create .cbr archives... dont help me with this I am sure I can figure it out... you know use winrar commandline tell it to use a particular profile and then rename the resulting file.... hmm.. but how do I wait until winrar is done compressing... damn now I am being chessy and asking someone to help me do it! heeh :slight_smile:
Anyway thanx a lot guys.

Copy MOVE TO ..

does the same thing (eg no need for dopusrt)

So Zork... we both need our power user licenses revoked - Jon's sage advice on the 'move to parent folder command' doesn't obliterate the file when run from the root of the drive like the overly complicated way I suggested... I do believe I'll keep and use it on my system as well.

I actually just noticed a very weird issue even with doing it this way. When I try a 'Copy MOVE TO .." command on a file that is either in 'My Documents' or in the root of a drive, the file actually get's moved to the desktop... All on it's own, it's just a little strange but the 'problem' is that Dopus seems to lose all track of the file at that point. The file cannot be detected in a 'Find' operation in Dopus - but CAN be found in Explorer?

Welll, it's still better than obliterating the file :slight_smile:... Desktop is the root of the folder structure in dopus, so it makes sense... anyway thanx for the tip!