SourcecodeViewer: Custom syntax definitions?

Is it possible to add custom syntax definitions to the SourcecodeViewer?

As you can see from the attached image the Configure button is disabled, so it is not possible to add custom definitions (the built in definitions lack support for .pas files).

The plugin is from June 2005. So isn't there a newer version?

I think you can edit a text file somewhere which contains the list of file extensions for this plugin. I remember it came with some docs which explained it.

Somewhere? Some docs?

The docs which come with the sourcecode viewer plugin. I don't use the plugin so don't have it installed anywhere. Try looking in the original archive you downloaded for the plugin.

It's late here (anything after sundown is late for me. lol) so take this with a grain of salt.

The file I edit to add new languages to the SCV is named SourceCodeViewer.xml but it's more involved than that. For you also need to parse the SciLexer.h file to determine how to reference the proper associations.

Note this may not apply to the latest release of the SCV, I never did upgrade to that one as the one before it does all I need.

FWIW, attached is my SourceCodeViewer.xml zipped. (3.86 KB)

It's worth remembering that there are two versions of the SCV plugin and I think they're configured differently. (I think there's a 1.x version and also a beta of 2.x.)

Jamie (the plugin author) seems to keep an eye on the thread for the plugin in the downloads:plugins forum, where there are also some custom syntax colouring config files which other people have contributed (the three threads starting with SCV Configuration for...).