Space bar to move fullsize/oversized images in Viewer

As in the title. Right now, we can only navigate with the arrow keys which does make uncomfortably jumps to defined positions. It would be very convenient if we could just hold the space bar and move with the mouse, like the move in Photoshop for example.

You can click and drag with the mouse. No need to use the keyboard at all.

Click & drag activates the cropping here ...

I mean the marking tool or however it's called.

There are options in Preferences for what the mouse buttons do in the viewer.

You can also hold shift to select/crop if the normal button is configured to drag.

OK ... I'm using DO since ... 8 or 9 .. and never had this in another way. I had it always that way and I'm sure I never set it up like that.
But you are right, I've found this option and now it's much better now. Thanks for this hint.
I guess this request can now be closed/deleted again.

Please link your account in that case. :slight_smile: