Special character passwords, inline rename and FTP

Ok, so I built a subject title that caught your interest, so now I better make good use of it.

I have noticed an issue with inline rename through FTP while using special characters in the password.
I've done several tests and I've come to the conclusion that this inline rename problem exists because of some weird handling with passwords containing, most likely along with others, the character " (double-quote).

Try it for yourself by changing your FTP password to something containing a double-quote, connect using your new password, try and inline rename a file. On my box, this results to the name not getting changed at all, it just keeps its original name. Trying to do a "regular" rename results in the whole FTP-address, along with my password and entire path to the file, being printed in the "Old name"-field.

This might be becuase I'm using Gene6 FTP but I'm fairly certain that this is something to do with DOpus. I've tried using my friend's FTP server and the same phenomenon exists there.

Are anyone of you people having the same problems as me?


Interesting. Could you please file an official support request through the GPSoftware Support page with examples of what you are discussing here.