Spurious lister window launch on ipod mount blocks removal

My DO will launch a new lister window whenever a new drive is mounted by my system, i.e. USB flash drive, CD or my iPod. This is incredibly annoying as it will actually interfere when I try to eject my iPod through iTunes. When I do so it will launch a brand new lister window opened to the contents of the iPod which naturally reports to the system that the drive is in use which prevents it's removal. I have to first eject the iPod through DO then hit eject in iTunes.

I would like if it DO never, ever, ever opens a new lister window at anytime unless I specifically request it to do so.


Opus doesn't do this itself. I suspect that if you turn off Explorer Replacement mode you will get Explorer windows opening instead of Opus Listers.

Try that, and if you do - you'll need to look elsewhere to work out why something is trying to open an Explorer window automatically. Possibly the AutoPlay system?

It is indeed the underlying windows system that is launching an explorer window when it's mounts new volume. very annoying. any ideas on how to turn this off?

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