SSH - change owner of a file

Hi there,

after having copied files from local to remote via SSH, I would like to change the owner, as I could do in WinSCP. There I have a listbox from which I can choose a user.

In DOPUS, I can change various attributes, but not the owner to some other user. How can I change the owner of my copied files from the user used for logon to some other user.



I don't think Opus has the ability to change owner/group over SFTP, sorry.

File permissions can be set, but not the owner itself.


is there any plan to give us the ability to change the owner/group over SFTP in the near future ? I'm using WinSCP only for this purpose, and I would like to get rid of it since DOpus is so much better and more convenient to use ! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I don't believe the protocols of FTP over SSH has the function to change owner/group attributes.

It is possible to do it over SFTP, the software WinSCP does it perfectly over SFTP so it must be doable, it's just not implemented by Dopus. I really hope they can implement it soon :slight_smile:.

Come on DO team !! :slight_smile:

Nope.:slight_smile: WINSCP is a completely different protocol. We only support FTP or SSH.

Are you 100% sure about that ? because when I connect with WinSCP I have to create an SFTP account (port 22) and use my SSH login/pass to be able to connect to my server, do you mean that SFTP is running over the SCP protocol itself ? I always thought that it was connected through SFTP since it's all obvious in the setup. Could you please try WinSCP to confirm what you're saying ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep. We base our FTP/SSH on Putty not WinsSCP.

Ok thanks for this info, look what I've found here : ... ote-server

Read the section "Simple File Manipulations with SFTP" (scroll to around mid-page)