Standalone Image viewer keyboard shortcuts

I browse through hundreds of photos everyday in different folders and I would like to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to go forward/back AND also UP in the directory structure.

Im trying to replace irfanview which allows you to advance forward/back using the keyboard and when it gets to the last pic in the folder, it pops up a folder list and allows you to choose the next one using the keyboard.

Any ideas on how this could be achieved? If not, pls add as a feature request.

Big thanks to all the developers for the ultimate file manager of all time!

In the standalone viewer, you can move forward & back via the keyboard using space & backspace, or Page Up & Page Down.

The keys for the viewer can't be customized. (Not within Opus anyway. If you really don't like either of the two defaults you can use AutoIt / AutoHotkey to assign alternative keys to the viewer. I can dig up the script someone has already written to do that if you want it.)

You can also use the mousewheel to move forward & back, or move forward using the left or right mouse button. (Those things can be changed via Settings -> Preferences -> Viewer -> Standalone Viewer.)

I don't think there's any way to go up or change directory from the viewer itself at the moment. If you want to put that into the feature request list, send GPSoftware a note.

For browsing through mutliple folders of pictures I tend to use the viewer pane instead of the standalone viewer. That attaches to a file display and displays whichever image is selected. Of course, you then lose part of your screen to the file display.