Standalone Viewer in Full screen mode to Maximize across multiple monitors

Is there a way to make the Standalone viewer,
display an image in Full Screen mode,
spanning across multiple monitors?
(without any menu titles, or window titles)

For example:
We have a 3840x2160 image, and we have 4 x1080 monitors.

How can we maximize in Full screen mode across all monitors?
If I maximize the window to fill the desktop, it will display it across all monitors.
But The moment I enter full screen mode it reverts to a single monitor.

Thank you

The "Expand/Scroll" mode for the left mouse button will cover multiple monitors, but there isn't a way to make the whole fullscreen viewer UI cover more than one screen at the moment.

Seems like a decent idea, although I'm not sure how it should work with non-rectangular setups on first thought.

I do use that function,
but the moment I leave the mouse the image reverts to one monitor.

Is there a way to assign a hotkey to make it toggle?
In non rectangular setups it should work the same.
I have three monitors on, and the forth is a projector which is not on except for specific times. Yet since it is connected, windows and my gpu see it there as if 4 displays are connected.