Stange Access Denied Problem : Backing up configuration


I use Opus on multiple PCs with fine-tuned controls/custom buttons set in the configuration on one PCs.

Obviously I would like to have the same configuration on the second PC and the best way to do is to export the configuration from the source and import it in the target, which I have done numerous times.

However recently I have seen the backup configuration option giving the strange error of access denied error code (5) on any drive where I want to create the backup file. (I have all the NTFS permissions for all drives).


Has anybody got a clue for the same. I did configure upload to my Flickr and ImageShack account from Directory Opus, however these settings have no effect on this problem.


Check if Opus zip is working generally - if not, and you're using Windows x64, try reinstalling Opus.

BTW, when reinstalling Opus, don't uninstall it first (that'll wipe the config you're trying to backup!). Just reinstall over the top of itself.

Some x64 users have found that the Opus COM object that handles zip files gets unregistered by something, and reinstalling over the top will re-register it.