Started to initially open folders very slowly

Hi, first support post (as been using for years with no issues!)
Recently, not sure but maybe 2 weeks ish, the first time I try to open a folder Opus is so slow it appears to have hung. Initially I thought it had so I rebooted and seemed to work as normal after reboot. But today I noticed it was not hung but just v. slow. On searching here it was suggested this might be a dodgy script but I can't recall any changes I made. Mind you so many autoupdates on stuff these days who knows. Once initially opened dopus seems to behave normally. I have taken a dump during the 'hang' time - is that useful?

Another odd behaviour which may or may not be connected is that when using Sage (an accounting program) since about maybe a year (?) everytime i double click to open a Sage 'account' whilst in the program - a folder opens in dopus as well. Searching Sage support they suggest a script may be running as it is not normal behaviour. Maybe irrelevant but thought I would say.

It's definitely worth a look. Please sent it over to us at or via private message here.

Thanks - sent by email. Any help appreciated

No email has come through to us yet.

Please double-check as the address (don't forget the .au on the end), and for any errors/bounces (e.g. due to large attachments).

Definitely sent and email correct (no bounce or fail) [attachment removed]

  • was a link as file too big. Let me attach here. Or right in the middle of the message!

Have you created any mount points on your machine, which mount one drive into a folder on another drive? The dump shows Opus is processing those, although it could just be coincidence. A mount point pointing to something which doesn't exist, or which has spun down and takes a while to wake up, could cause a slow-down like the one you're seeing.

It also looks like an Opus window is trying to close in the dump. Does that make sense? If you're opening Opus, it seems strange it is trying to close a window, unless you have a script installed which is doing something strange, or similar.

If you turn off the folder tree, then save that as your default lister (Settings > Set as Default Lister; assuming you are opening the default lister when the problem happens), does that make a difference?

Thanks. Just two physical disks and no mount points except google drive stream seems to have created one (G) - i updated to this from google drive not that long ago, but not sure if that would count as a mount point.

On the close - most probably I had requested a close from task manager, maybe it was processing that?

I will change the default lister and monitor for a bit, will take a dump if the behaviour occurs again if that's ok?

OK. If you make a second dump, please don't close Opus before making it, as that may cancel something it was doing which was taking a long time and what we wanted to see in the dump.

Please also send the dump via a private message, since they can contain private information (anything in the process's memory could be in the dump).