Startup problem on one machine only


I've been using the DOpus trial on my main PC and my laptop. I've registered it on the main PC but I'm having an annoying, but not fatal, problem on the laptop.

I have DOpus set to run at startup. When it does so, I get an untitled error dialog saying "There was a problem sending the command to the program". Then about 8-10 listers open up.

Once I dismiss the dialog and close the listers everything is back to normal.

Any suggestions? I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but see the same behavious.



Check which other programs are running on startup (Start, Run, msinfo.exe, Startup tab is a good way to look).

This problem is unlikely to be Opus itself and is probably another program that's running at startup and trying to cause Explorer to do something which doesn't work when Opus is in its place.

And I'm guessing you do indeed have Dopus set to Explorer replacement mode... so you could confirm this is not coming 'from' Opuou by disabling replacment mode and seeing if you get the program error and multiple Explorer windows?

OK, I turned off Explorer Replacement mode and I don't see the problem any more. I'll try turning it on again and identifying what other program's causing the problem.

Thanks for the tip!


It sounds like you've told Opus to open multiple Listers on startup or perhaps you have created a Saved Layout with all these listers open and then told Opus to open this layout on startup.

Change the startup settings to Don't Open any Listers.
Then start Opus, then go to Layout - Opening Listers and the other tabs and check how these are set.