Startup when Windows starts?

I've used several versions of DOpus on several versions of Windows. Each time I unclick "Start automatically when Windows starts." (I want Windows to start up as quickly as possible.) After starting Windows, whenever I launch DOpus, the program asks if I want to add DOpus to the start menu. Is there anyway to get DOpus to stop prompting me for this?

DOpus doesn't ever ask that as far as I'm aware. You get prompted the first time you run it as to whether you wish to run it on startup but after that, the option is only available through Preferences and you are never prompted for it again. Can you post a screenshot to illustrate what you're seeing?

Actually, the message I get is from Mike Lin's Startup Monitor program. The program is warning me that DOpus is trying to put itself into Windows startup. Here's a screenshot.

dopusrt.exe is used to provide the desktop double-click functionality - if you don't want this you can turn it off from Preferences.

Where do I find that option among the preferences?

You can find any option in Preferences by using the search box in the lower left hand corner of the preferences window. In this case, try typing "Double-Click".

Thank you.