State of the "Folder Tree" after a Find operation


In the current version (10.5.1), when the results of a Find operation are displayed, the (left pane) Folder Tree turns into what is actually a file collections tree.

The file collections tree seems to have no use, whereas what I really need is the real folder tree (showing my file folder hierarchy).  Often what I need to do after a find is to move some of the found documents into appropriate folders; however, now that DOpus doesn't show the folder tree anymore after a find operation, I have to load a second instance of DOpus, minimize both instance, and copy from one to the other.  That's a lot of rigamarol for what should be (and used to be in DOpus) a simple matter of dragging from one pane to another.

Is there a setting I can make to restore the old functionality?

You probably just need to set Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Start Folder Tree at... back to the default Desktop setting.

If you configure the tree to hide the branch that a folder would be part of, then go into that folder, then the tree will temporarily change to show a branch that contains the folder you're currently in.

The default Desktop setting avoids this, since all branches are below the Desktop level.

Thanks, Leo.

I have now played around a bit, and have only partially solved the problem. The setting is apparently in /Folder Tree/Contents, which has a checkbox for "File Collection" and a child checkbox for "Display under the desktop item." The former was unchecked and the latter was checked. Unchecking both causes a search to display the whole folder tree, but scrolls down to the bottom of the tree, where the File Collections folders are shown -- which loses the tree focus that I had.

What I want to do is not display Find's collection folder in the tree at all. It is odd that the collection folder is displayed because I have the "File Collections" box unchecked. (I see no point for DOpus to display the Find collection in the tree, in any case.)

(I don't use collections, but if I did it seems I would want them in the tree but not a collection folder for a Find.)

It seems to me that something is wrong, since DOpus isn't behaving as it used to regarding the tree for Find operations.

If you configure the tree to hide the branch that a folder would be part of, then go into that folder, then the tree will temporarily change to show a branch that contains the folder you're currently in.

You lost me on that one.

Find Results are file collections.

If the folder tree goes to type of folder which you have hidden from the tree (via the Folder Tree / Contents page in Preferences), that folder will be added to the tree temporarily, until you leave it (otherwise the tree can't show you where you are).

If that location is in a branch of the tree which is outside of the scope that you have set the tree to use (via the Folder Tree / Options / Start Folder Tree at... setting; the one I mentioned), then the tree will be temporarily re-rooted to the branch it needs to be in in order to show your current location.

Did you try changing the Start Folder Tree At... setting back to its default value (Desktop) as I mentioned? That should solve everything.

Now I found the Start Folder Tree at..., and set it to Desktop. That keeps the tree focus closer to the folder where I am normally working.

The ideal action would be if DOpus would use the find folder in a virtual way, without changing the tree focus to that folder. The lister tab that named "Find Results" should be an adequate flag for users that what is displayed is not the user's current folder (which would be shown as an inactive selection in the tree). Also, a new tab should be created for the Find results, instead of changing the user's current tab to Find Results.

JMO, but I think this approach would be much more user-friendly and productive.

Well, it's your changes to the options that gives you the undesired result... but I agree that with those settings the effect is odd and not very usable.

But, as Leo pointed out and you've discovered - the "Start Folder Tree at" setting alleviates much of what is bothering you - though it may not be what you normally want the tree to look like :frowning:.

From there - you can also certainly set the Find Panel to show the results in something other than the current tab so you don't completely lose the folder position from where you ran the find operation... The "source (new tab)" option does exactly what you just suggested in your last reply.

Beyond that, you could consider other ways of calling up the find panel... I'm almost hesitant to recommend my own approach since you might look at it at a glance and say "wow that looks like a lot of hassle", but you can take a look at my spin on achieving a Separate Find Window to see if that sort of thing is useful to you at all. The method described there is meant to achieve other things than just what you want - but it effectively gives you a separate find panel lister, where I've actually chosen to disable the tree all-together - leaving your original lister and folder position alone entirely.

Don't think I agree with your comment about using the "find folder in a virtual way". I think most every user that wants the folder tree enabled would expect it to reflect whatever folder position you're in... whereas your admittedly strange looking results is sort of an artifact of having some settings combinations that don't make much sense (i.e. usually ~child options like "Display under Desktop item" are auto-disabled if ~parent items like "File Collections" are de-selected).