Static Lister sizes in Dual Display mode...On dual screens?

Apologies if this has been covered, I did try going through the manuals and searching the forums first.

I've got a multi-monitor setup and I like using DOpus in Dual-Display modes, spread across 2 screens

Each Folder Display takes up an entire screen, with the split between the 2 centered where the 2 physical screens meet.

The issue though is that the lister window sizes don't stay put. When I click between the 2 Listers, the bar between the 2 Listers shifts and now 1 Lister takes space on the other screen and throws the view off.


  • Dual Display, doesn't matter what View Mode.
    WinXP SP2


  • Lincoln

Are you talking about two separate windows or a single dual-display window?

With a single dual-display window nothing should move in reaction to moving the focus from one side to the other. (How are you moving the focus? Just by clicking on the other side?)

Hi leo,

  1. I using it as a single window, expanded across 2 displays.
  2. Yes, when focus is on 1 display, then I click on the other...The shift occurs.

The issue was occurring on my work PC, I'm home now and just tried it and indeed the exact same situation occurs.

What sort of shift are you talking about?

A before & after screenshot might help, and tell us where you're clicking to trigger it.

Also, what resolution are the two displays?

My screens are set at 1280x1024

Here's a little flash movie to show the issue:

...the actual file. (222 KB)

Thanks for the video.

It's quite strange as I can't think of anything which would make that happen and you're doing the same thing I was trying. I can't reproduce it at all.

Can anyone else with a multi-monitor system reproduce this?

(I'd make a video showing what I see but I don't have the recording tools installed at the moment, sorry.)

Could you make a screenshot of your whole Opus window so we can see what else there is? (The video only seemed to show a small part of it.) Perhaps if we re-create your window layout we'll be able to trigger what you're seeing. (e.g. Maybe it depends on having a toolbar or the viewer panel open in a certain place or something like that.)

Can you export your config and PM it to either Leo or me so we can try to reproduce it?