Status bar border colour?

Is there a setting to change the status bar border colour please. It is the white border in the image -

update: if I change the status bar background colour to mid-grey or darker, then the border will mimic that colour. Anything brighter than 128,128,128 (#808080) and the border will change to white!

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts:

If "Use system colors" is turned off for "Status bar", then the "Pane borders" colors will be used for the border and dividers.

(If "Use system colors" is turned on then the Windows visual style draws them.)

Pane border colors having no effect when system colors turned off, might have to flag this a bug.

It worked when I tried it. Please show us some screenshots of your color settings and the results.


Ah, I see what's happening. What I said above isn't always true. It will only use the pane border colors if the background color is dark, and uses the Windows visual style for them when they're light. (The visual style only works on light backgrounds.)

That's something we'll be changing in the future, so that turning on custom colors for the status bar turns off the visual style entirely.