Status bar bug? 'active' despite hidden

Hello i've been using dopus for a few days now, coming from a different file manager.

I think there is an issue with the status bar. For example, I have set to show the total duration of mp3s in the current file display. Now if i 'flatten' view of many music folders, understandably this results in a lot of disk activity. Sometimes i wish to disable this option to stop this. But if temporarily hide the status bar, it still results in the disk being read and total duration calculated, despite status bar not being shown.

P.S It would make sense to immediately stop any calculation of status bar fields, as soon as status bar is triggered hidden. At the moment, I have to actually edit the statusbar.

The status bar alone will not trigger MP3 duration to be calculated when in Flat View mode. (It only does that outside of Flat View.)

There must be something else which is triggering the MP3 data to be read for all the files. (If the data is calculated for something else when in Flat View mode then the status bar will use the calculations as well, since they then come for free.)

Make sure you don't have the Description column turned on when in Flat View, or any other column that would cause music metadata to be read.

Thanks, this particular issue seems to have fixed itself. Don't know what it was. Never mind :slight_smile: