Status Bar colors

Looking at the image below, is there any way to change the grey border and dividing of the status bar? I see the background and text colors in the options form, which I have changed.

Thanks, Steve

Not currently (without disabling Visual Styles at least), but it is on our list to make it possible in some way.

Please, change it.
I think this is the only thing that left from the old DOpus styles...
Even default Windows Explorer does not have these borders by now.

This was already changed a long time ago. If you use a dark background and light text color for the status bar, the old frames (as in the screenshot at the top of the thread) are no longer drawn.

I am not using dark backgrounds and light text color but bitmaps (png images) and default system colors . And i still have these ugly "3D" borders.

It's only automatic for dark colours at the moment. We might add an explicit checkbox for it in the future.