Status bar graph bar frame types not working as expected

As I am now using the dark theme I wanted a graph bar with a light frame type which should be F=5, if I understand the 'Bar graphs and Percentages' page correctly.
But switching from the earlier F=2 to F=5 made no difference.

I then made 7 graph bars for all available frame types:
{h!} {df} / {dt} f0:{bg+W=100,F=0,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f1:{bg+W=100,F=1,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f2:{bg+W=100,F=2,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f3:{bg+W=100,F=3,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f4:{bg+W=100,F=4,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f5:{bg+W=100,F=5,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}f6:{bg+W=100,F=6,G=0,T=#FFFFFF,C=#377198}{h!}
But only F=0 and F=3 seem to work as expected:

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Change the Frame color under Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Free space. Looks like yours is set to black. (Default in dark mode is light grey.)

Most of the graph frame types result in the same thing these days, since Windows is no longer using a 3D look.

Thanks for the quick response Leo.

I tried changing the frame color like you said but none of the changes I did made a difference.
Just using {bg} in the status bar makes a yellow graph bar but still no changes to the frame color and using 'Use visual styles' also made no difference.

It works with the graph in the default status bar:


Some of the other settings you're using could be overriding the frame style maybe.

using g=3 (5 as well) makes it so that the colors in the settings are used.

But even though I now have the graph bar I like, I do think there is something wrong with the graph bar properties as the values for the t and c (g=0, using c1 does work in the case of g=0) properties seem to get ignored even if the value of the g property should allow them.

Or perhaps this is a manual issue (Jon said in the announcement for the 13 beta that the manual was still being updated).

The beveled frames are relics of the old look & feel of Windows. Everything is flat now so the highlight and shadow colors are the same when drawing frames in most cases.

The manual probably needs updating to say most of the frame modes aren't worth using now. At least until Microsoft decide to go back to a 3D look. (These things seem to go in cycles.) Need to look at the code to see exactly what it's doing though.