Status Bar Graph Thoughts

Some thoughts about status bar graphs:

  1. {bgL} {brR} in Preferences > Display > Status Bar/Status Bar (Dual) codes. I know this works by trial, just the addition of it to the codes dropdown would be nice.

  2. possible to make bar graph width dynamic to fill rest of status bar without specifying a fixed width (padding)?

Really like this addition. Especially not limiting it to just free space on current drive; even though that's what I mainly use it for.

Hey Zero... I just started messing around with the status bar graph stuff myself... Curious if the {rpad} switch is what you're looking for for dynamic spacing?

Hi steje, it looks like it might, but not sure how to implement it. Actually, I thought it would be the switch F=3, but it didn't seem to work the way I hoped, but since I just tried it again, it seems to work well. Thanks.

{sdR}/{tdR} folders, {sfR}/{tfR} files, {sbaR} selected/{tbaR} total ({dfR} free) {bg+v=sbR/690m,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=0}{bg+v=sb/4.7g,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=1} {bg+v=duRa/dtRa,W=-1,f=3,t=#000000,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2}

I think you need to add a linebreak before the last graph. Otherwise the width of the gradient area is based on the total width of the status bar, instead of the remaining width. The result is that with a smaller fraction, say 40%, the gradiant will consume the whole width if the remaining space for the bar is less than 40% of the total status width... if that makes sense.

You're right drworm. I noticed it late last night.

{sdL}/{tdL} folders, {sfL}/{tfL} files, {sbaL} selected/{tbaL} total ({dfL} free) {bg+v=sbL/690m,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=0}{bg+v=sbL/4.7g,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=1} {rleft}{bg+v=duLa/dtLa,W=-1,f=3,t=#000000,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2} {sdR}/{tdR} folders, {sfR}/{tfR} files, {sbaR} selected/{tbaR} total ({dfR} free) {bg+v=sbR/690m,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=0}{bg+v=sb/4.7g,f=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=1} {bg+v=duRa/dtRa,W=-1,f=3,t=#000000,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2}

Your status bar is amazing! Is there any way to have the graph include selections made to folders as well as files in the displayed directory?

For example, can the graph showing the total directory size include subfolders also?

Hi superboy. Thanks.

If you are referring to the full height graph, that shows used space with regard to total space of the drive, so it does kinda take into account subfolders. This will always be the same when you are in the same drive.

The 1/2 height graphs are for CD and DVD (not DVD-DL) media. If you use the "Create New Folder" button in the default toolbar with the Middle-Mouse Button, this will calculate the size of the subfolders and when everything you want is selected, it will calculate space used that will include those subfolders.

Hope this makes sense.

I played some this morning on this.
It is a composite of many people's ideas here.

{h!} <b><#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#></b> {h!} {sd}/{td} folders, {sf}/{tf} files {rpad} {sba} selected {bg+v=sb/690m,f=1,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=0}{bg+v=sbL/4.7g,f=1,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=1} {df} free {bg+v=pu,W=75,f=1,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2} {fl} {ls}

It's not a dual SB display, but there's easily room for more things here.

One needs to calculate folder sizes using either the sizes button or as I do,
just hover and select in order to use the CD/DVD split graph.

Interesting that the documentation for the split bar graph is apparently incorrect.
I need to use L=0 and L=1 instead of L=1 and L=2.

But, as I said, it's not really my idea here, just a few things I put together from other discussions.

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