Status Bar Problem

I am using the status Bar definition from the Settings > Preferences > Display > Status Bar > Samples > Icons, graph, playtime, colors (Dual) as shown here:

This is taken from the sample, without amendment.

The result on my dual horizontal lister is as shown here:

The status bar on the lister does not match the sample in the Preferences dialogue.

Particularly, there is no hidden count, and I cannot work out where the third figure 05:22 comes from. I expected it to show the selected playing time and total playing time for the MP3 files in the top lister panel.

Have I done something wrong?

I have solved the hidden count question:

I had thought it referred to files with the hidden attribute set. I now realise it refers to files hidden by filters. Once I set a filter, the hidden count appears.

I still do not know how to interpret the third figure 05:22 in the above lister status bar.

The most recent beta has a bug that stops the status bar duration fields from working reliably for MP3 files. This will be fixed in the release.

Thanks Jon.