Status Bar Seperator Colors, bland white

When NOT using Glass for the statusbar the seperators don't respect the pane highlight and shadow colors that the rest of the UI uses (like the toolbars). It's just plan white seperators, incongruent with the rest of the UI.

Unify the UI in dopus 12

The status bar border comes from your Windows theme, since the theme has parts specifically for drawing status bars.

We may make it possible to override it in the future.

Ok cool


Already aksed that some threads before this one, so +1.

BTW a background-pic would be fine too and "no border" for statusbar" could be useful.

A status bar background picture is already possible (Preferences / Display / Images).

What's the problem with DO? The problem with DO is, that you have to read all changes and existing features once a week, so that you can't overseen/forget them and don't need to ask Leo :slight_smile:.

In Opus 12.8.2 we are making it so Windows visual styles are not used to draw the status bar frames if the status bar is set to use a dark background color.

(If using a background image as well, just set the separate background color setting to black.)

Nice to hear, thanks.

Excellent! Glad to hear that feature is coming.

Hi Leo,
Was this ever completed? I'm still seeing the white border when I have a darker background color on the status bar.

It's in the 12.9.1 beta version.

Ah. Thank you. :slight_smile: