Status Labels Not Displaying

I've backup the configuration of Dopus of my new computer. I put the files on the old computer and restored in on the old computer.

When I've gone and applied a status label to a file, it displays the default image.

I've gone to configure the icon but I still won't change.

I've cleared the icon cache but that didn't help.

I should point out that it does not do this on the icons that I'm using within the Dopus program.

If you select an icon that hasn't been used before, does that work?

If it works, does selecting the original icon again (for the same label) then work?

Selecting a new icon does work.

However, replacing the new icon for the same label with the original icon does not work.

I decide to put the icons on the C: drive so that they load a bit faster. And they seemed to fix the problem.