Statusbar: Fontsize in bar and icon-question


I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add free space to percentage in bar using the smaller font (I like to use style "f=5")?
  2. Using "{i:.}" shows a systemdrive icon. Which command shows HDD-icon only (w/o the Windows-symbol)?

No one?

Hmm, maybe both isn't possible?

But can I add an icon from iconset?

You can put any icon you wish into the status bar.

Reference / Status Bar Codes:
[ul][li]Codes for graphical elements[/li]
[li]Codes for disk space[/li]
[li]Bar graphs and percentages[/li][/ul]

Didin't read after "i:<.ext>" :slight_smile:

But if "." shows systemdrive icon, which one is used for normal drive? BTW "." is not documentated (or I have overseen it).

Indeed, so don't expect it to do anything particular. :slight_smile: I'm not sure it is reliable or guaranteed to do anything. I think it gets the C drive icon (or probably the icon of the drive Opus is installed on) purely by an accident of how the code was written, not as an intentional feature.

If you want a particular icon, and it isn't associated with any file extension, then you'll need to use a .png image or .ico file and point at that, as per the docs.