Still no luck syncing with Flickr

As I use Flickr regularly and used to use Dopus sync regularly with version 9.0 I would really like to resolve the syncing problems with version 10.0.4
here is the original post with my details. I need help troubleshoothing this...

thank you kindly,

We haven't been able to reproduce this problem unfortunately. We're planning a new beta release later today so I'll see if we can put some additional error reporting in that might help pin-point what's going on.

We've added some debugging output to the new beta version. You'll need to download and run DebugView from Microsoft in order to see it. Install the new beta (reboot if necessary), then run DebugView, and then attempt the Flickr sync. At the point when you get the HTTP Error you should see some debug info appear in the DebugView window. If you paste that in here hopefully it will tell us what's going on.