Stopping a Folder scan after it's started

I have a specific disk with a pretty nasty directory structure sitting on it. 13 top-level folders, each with roughly a million sub-directories within it (two layers deep - 000\000, 000\001, 000\002 etc, up to 999\999.

Some of these directories contain symlinks to specific files; about 72 million symlinks in total.

I have Options/Folders/Folder Behaviour/Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically set to fixed local disks only.

This all works fine, but every time I open this specific drive, Dopus does the right thing and begins scanning these directories. I can't find a button to click, to stop this scan, other than turning off Directory scanning for the entire machine.

Is there one?
If so, where is it?
If not, can we have one, please?

The scanning is fine - I like it, but on this particular drive the only way I can stop the scan is to navigate away.

Seconds after I posted, I thought "I'll just try the Escape key"...

It's already there and it's the escape key.

Ignore me!

You can also use folder formats to override automatic folder size calculation in the root of that drive, or the whole drive, if you wish.

See Overriding for specific folders in Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically


I presumed there would be an override somewhere - there usually is with Dopus! I was looking for the super easy option, which you've also already provided.