Strange behavior with grouping

When i apply the "checked" status icon to a folder, it will form its own group, saying "Flag (1)", instead of having a single counter for the "checked" status symbol items. I think, this has been different.

I'm listening through a list of music albums. When i have finished one album, not going alphabetically, i would apply the status icon.

Which used to look like this:

Flag (35)
not specified (439)

Now it looks like this (click for full image):

What also looks suspicious to me, is that the horizontal grid line is solid, whereas the lower list of items has the standard dotted line, which is set to a lower transparency value.

How can i change this back to the old behavior?

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Confirmed, and definitely not how the status icons should be grouping.

I don't know if we have time to fix this for 12.7 but we will get it fixed after that if not.

Yeah, thanks. :beer:

This has been fixed for the next update (12.7.1 and 12.8).

Temporary workaround for 12.7: Turn off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show OneDrive status icons in the Status column.

Ah, alright. Thanks a lot. :beers:

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