Strange behaviour when using the search

Somehow i must messed up the search over the months. I don´t think, that this behaviour is normal: If i set, for example, drive L:\ in the green boxed dialogue,
the search will always start from H:\ on, no matter what i´ve set it to. If i manually set the location in the red box to L: (or from the drives list in the blue box, it doesn´t matter),
i will start from H: anyways. Setting directories from those three fields seems to have no effect whatsoever.

I suspect, that i maybe have to clear some of Opus index (or whatever) files from the Opus directory in order to fix it. Any idea?

Use the drop-down attached to the Clear button (the red X) to clear the multiple locations.

That worked, thanks. I overlooked that dropdown behind the red x.

Most people do :slight_smile: