Strange crash

Last days my opus have some strange crash, i don't know what is inducement. I use version, also i have this problem in previous version. Interesting is, i get this crash when i don't work in opus.

I have WinXP SP3
AMD Athlon64 dual core 3600+
2gb ram.

Thanks and sorry for bad english.

Go to /temp and there should be a DOpus.Minidumps folder. If you email the dumps within the folder to GPSoftware (or attach them to a private message to me and I'll pass them on) then they may identify where the crash is happening.

It's probably in a third party shell extension or codec, judging by the crash address, but I am just guessing. The .dmp files should reveal more.

From the crash dumps you sent, the crash seems to be happening in part of the Windows code on a thread that isn't part of Opus, so it's not clear what is crashing or why. The problem could be in Opus or in another component that is loaded into the Opus process.

If you can narrow down the cause of it then that might help track it down.

Some suggestions on how to narrow down the problem can be found in these two threads:

[Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories)

[General slowdown or instability investigation steps)

Thanks Leo for support, i try to fix with this help.

Best wishes!