Strange keyboard and mouse behavior in 8.2.2?

I'm having bizarre behavior since installing 8.2.2. I first noticed it when I tried to type in the address bar in Firefox. Any time I would type certain letters, DOpus would pop up and it would perform some actions that I couldn't follow. I could NOT type certain letters at all in Firefox (d, i). When I unloaded DOpus the behavior stopped. However, weirdness #2 started then because DOpus would, at times, launch itself when I did something with the keyboard or mouse that I couldn't quite determine because of the random nature of it. Finally, with 8.2.2 loaded, I would sometimes get mouse trails showing up on my screen.

I've now completely uninstalled 8.2.2 and reinstalled 8.2.1 and all the problems are gone.

Anyone else seeing any weird keyboard and mouse interactions with 8.2.2?


First time I've heard of such problems.

Are you using any mouse gesture tools?

If you've added system-wide hotkeys via Customize / Keys in Opus then they will take over those keys in other programs. Opus doesn't stop you doing something silly like defining D (without ctrl/alt/shift held down) as a system-wide hotkey, for example. Not sure about the current version but the system-wide option used to be on by default for new hotkeys.

I'm using All-in-One Gestures in Firefox, but was getting the trails in other programs as well. I had, in a previous version of DOpus set the Insert key to be the New Folder command but that was the only key I'd set and this was happening with plain letters. I also couldn't find the setting again in the new version of DOpus so I couldn't disable it to see if that was cause other keys to get intercepted.

Hotkeys are set either via Settings -> Customize / Keys or by editing a toolbar or menu item (enter Customize mode and right-click -> Edit) and assigning a key to it.

I can't think of any reason why Opus would turn on mouse trails. That is an option in most mouse drivers, though. (Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options in the Microsoft drivers, but the option exists in different places depending on who made the drivers.)

Note also that any hotkeys in toolbars become system global when the toolbar is floated.

Bearing what Jon has posted above (which is new information to me), and other reasons. I recommend removing all toolbar button hotkey assignments. Instead, entering the hotkey assignments directly in the Customize > Keys dialog.

Otherwise when you remove a button from a toolbar, you might lose the only assignment for the hotkey sequence to the same command, which you may have wanted to keep.