Stray dialogue box appears from nowhere

For about a month I get on odd occasions a strange dialogue box appear on the main screen. It appears to act a link to a directory - never same, the one I have open.
Hard to explain so post a screen shot.
I have no other comment I can usefully make other than it is random, and I can't delete or remove except by a reboot.
As is acts a shortcut or link to a DOPUS page (never the same) I assume it's DOPUS related, but that may be a coincidence.

Does DOPUS monitor programs? And interfere in their running as I also find this issue often has a command or something associated with that program (MicroSurveyCad).
However when I click in that box it takes me to a directory (again random but one currently being utilised) and never anything to do with MicroSurveyCad.

It is frustrating as it just sits on the screen and if I could tell it to go away then wouldn't be so bothered.
I keep up to date with DOPUS and just let it update as per prompts.

Help appreciated thanks.
Win 7 Pro


See "Details" at end of arrow

I'd be surprised if it was coming from Opus, although anything's possible.

If you download WinSpy++ you should be able to use it to find out which process the window is coming from.

thanks for rapid response Jon
That's a neat little routine. Much appreciated.
Will report back when I have some more info.

Do you get a similar thing if you double-click next to where that thing is? I suspect the double-clicks are going right through it and hitting the desktop. If desktop double-click is enabled in Opus, it will open the default lister, which is probably set to open whichever folder you last closed.

The image looks like a menu item which was selected and fading out, but the element never faded out and got stuck there. That usually happens due to graphics driver bugs, so I would check that you have the latest graphics drivers for your hardware.

Thanks Leo
Ah! learn something every day.
I haven't had any such occurrence since coming here today.
I just double clicked a vacant part of Desktop and voila - up came Opus , open to the last folder. Thanks for that.

I did suspect graphics drivers and in a support matter some time back with MicroSurvey they suggested I install the latest due to 'issues unknown' with their program. It's standard fair - update graphics card or else we most likely can't be assistance and it is supposed to isolate issues.
Ever since that upgrade I've believe my PC and Cad experience deteriorated. (Might be old fashioned but 'if it aint' broken then don't meddle' is my approach.
It was 'fine' until that fateful day. And my other GIS and CAD and Graphics programs worked all day without a beep.
But this latest only appeared recently, but NVIDIA has updated a few times.

Yes I'd suggest its artifacts left behind from some prior operation. I had suspected that but couldn't work out why it seemed to be a 'live link' which it obviously isn't.